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11 Sep 2013

Oracle unveils billing software

The letter said that after the company transitioned to its new software system in late May, some customer accounts were billed incorrectly. The errors were due to either an extended billing period or surcharge that was left off some customer bills. Customers who were billed for 36 or more days of water service - beyond the company's required 25 to 35-day monthly billing cycle - were charged higher amounts than they should have been, due to a prorating formula calculated by the billing system. The letter said customers affected by this error would receive a credit on their next monthly bill. While those customers will receive a credit, the customers affected by the missing surcharge will see an additional charge on their next bill. The surcharge inadvertently left off those bills is paid to various local government entities, including the Putnam County Building Commission, Kanawha County Regional Development Authority, and the towns of Clendenin and Arbuckle. If a customer cannot pay the additional charge in the first month, the company said customers can call the company's customer service center at 800-685-8660 to make arrangements to pay off the charge over a three-month period. Jordan said only a small portion of the 49,000 customer accounts affected by the software error will see the new charge on their next bill. "Only about 1,000 of (the 49,000 accounts) were affected by the missing surcharge error," she said. "The rest were affected by the extended billing period error and will see a credit back on their next bill." Jordan said the company notified the state Public Service Commission about the software glitch and has updated the commission on its plans to correct the situation. Contact writer Jared Hunt at or 304-348-4836.
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IBM -led Integrion Financial Network is active, and Netscape Communications announced online billing software last month that will be shipped next year. With Netscape's pending acquisition by America Online , the marketing of Netscape's $250,000 billing software is up in the air, although Sun Microsystems , with its strength in financial services, will sell the Netscape product. < -- NO CHANGES HERE TO END -- > But 14 million AOL users would make a prime target for any biller or bank offering bill-paying or billing services. Among other players, Just-in-Time Solutions provides software for online billing. Personal finance firm Intuit is exploring various vendors for its users to pay their bills, including a partnership with Oracle rival Sybase . Oracle's Internet Bill & Pay software, version 1.0, is being announced Wednesday at a banking show and is targeted at businesses such as banks that want to provide online billing services to their customers. It allows companies that bill customers for goods or services both to present bills and to receive payments online. It will allow banks, service providers, and portals to consolidate bills from multiple billers and act as a single online access point for consumers--a position avidly sought by banks but one where portal sites like Netscape's Netcenter also hope to play a role. The promise of online billing is that it can cut costs by saving postage and handling costs and generate new revenue for billers or bill consolidators through selling additional services or advertising like billing inserts many utilities use. Scandinavian phone carrier Telia is using Oracle's software, and CheckFree is partnering with Oracle. The new software is in pilot testing and is expected to ship by June. It includes an Internet Bill & Pay cartridge, Oracle's application server, a restricted-use license of the Oracle8 database, and Oracle's Reports Server tools. No pricing has been released.
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The Best Medical Billing Software Company

The companys revenue analysis is a service addition to their anesthesia billing software package. Its designed to help anesthesia services provides target processes that are not performing up to the required standard and to optimize those processes to ensure increased revenues for the company in the long-term. Medical practice owners must take a proactive approach to revenue analysis to explore areas in which they are not meeting their full potential in terms of earnings. Only by working with professional billing specialists can this proactive analysis strategy become successful. And its for this reason that many anesthesia billing firms are now working with experts at Physician Office Partners Inc. to help improve their overall returns. The Physician Office Partners team has years of experience helping companies optimize their financials. This means they have worked with both smaller companies and larger multinationals to find avenues in which to increase revenues, improve billing cycle productivity and further their operational objectives. One of the reasons companies select the services of Physician Office Partners is their track-record of success.
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Anesthesia Billing Software Experts Physician Office Partners Offer Complete Practice Revenue Analysis

MESA, AZ, February 15, 2012 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Most software contains claims processing, payments, adjustments, patient statements, and financial reporting. This makes life substantially easier for medical professionals who in turn produce better care and more competent diagnosis. When searching for the software that meet the expectations of your practice there are a few questions you should ask yourself. Is the software web based or work place based, if it requires a server or regular pc, are their fees for usage monthly or yearly and what the total cost of ownership is. Electronic check processing, technical support, training, codes, and updates are also issues to consider while on your search. Using web based billing software has many benefits that could help your practice run like a well built machine. If you are interested in maintaining a paperless office, mobile access to your patient records, and increasing practice profitability this may be your preferred option. Integrated electronic claims processing allows your office to clear your claims of errors and present the correct codes the first time around, so you do not have to wait weeks just to receive a denial from the insurance company.
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