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10 Sep 2013

SAP CRM on HANA, and other news out of Madrid

Internally, we referred to this upgrade initiative the CRM Clear Vision program. We initiated the CRM Clear Vision program based on a value-oriented business case completed by SAPs Value Engineering team. SAP executed the program as a company-wide effort, driven jointly by the sales, marketing and field services lines of business and IT. In October of 2009 we delivered a next-generation user interface and a multitude of usability improvements to the field through a technical upgrade. We completed process enhancements for large and midsize sales units, as well as marketing and field services, in 2010. Great processes go a long way to improve data quality. To capitalize further, we also created a game-changing 360 degree customer cockpit using SAP BusinessObjects solutions on top of this CRM platform.
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SAP 13, 2013, 9:00 a.m. EDT Deloitte Announces SAP-Qualified Implementation Service for SAP CRM Rapid-Deployment Solution NEW YORK, Aug. 13, 2013 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Deloitte, today, announced that its implementation service for the SAP CRM rapid-deployment solution has been qualified by SAP. The solution combines SAP software and content with services from Deloitte through a preconfigured solution that reduces risks and helps clients achieve benefits quickly and affordably. Deloitte will install the SAP CRM rapid-deployment solution with predetermined time, cost and service scope. "Our clients are looking to achieve the benefits of an integrated CRM solution more quickly than ever before, and the SAP CRM rapid-deployment solution is an important tool for doing just that," says Karl Rupilius, principal and SAP Customer Solutions leader, Deloitte Consulting LLP. "We're proud to have been qualified by SAP in this important area, and are looking forward to putting our skills to work for clients." Deloitte's implementation service for the SAP CRM rapid-deployment solution builds on SAP's rapid-deployment methodology and content, further extending Deloitte's capabilities, resources and expertise with SAP solutions. SAP rapid-deployment solutions allow partners to extend their SAP coverage beyond the SAP ERP application into new areas such as line-of-business and industry-specific solutions, or innovation areas.
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SAP emphasizes customer “experience” for CRM

Not all contact centers are well equipped to respond to use social media channels.The reason for that is that social CRM is often a siloed effort, driven by the communications department and not part of the core customer engagement strategies. TMCnet: Discuss social community i.e. the wide open posts and Tweets versus company-hosted sites as means of interacting with the social customer. Which is the trend and why? VI: The answer to this question depends on the topic of conversation. Conversations about business trends, technologies and general topics tend to flow better in a third-party hosted (non-company hosted) settings. Those conversations are more unstructured and need to facilitate an exchange of a wide range of opinions. Company-hosted collaboration site are recommended for discussions about company-specific and product-specific topics, such as services and technical issues. Especially product support sites have to be monitored by the vendor to ensure a high quality of customer service. For example, SAP is working with a third-party to run the CRM community The Social Customer .The SAP sponsored site is an editorially independent, moderated community for customer service practitioners which sheds light on a range of issues, i.e.
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Deloitte Announces SAP-Qualified Implementation Service for SAP® CRM Rapid-Deployment Solution

German software giant SAP( News - Alert ) recently announced the released a new tool designed to analyze social sentiment to augment CRM database profiles. Called Social Contact Intelligence, the new application uses natural-language speech processing and predictive analytics to analyze and identify the sentiment, including likes and dislikes, expressed socially by contacts within a company's CRM database, and from external sources as well. Sales professionals can use the tool to gain deeper insights into customers, allowing them to quickly identify the most influential and relevant contacts at an account. Contact centers can use it to analyze product and service complaints from social channels to proactively identify areas generating problems and make fast changes to alleviate them and prevent larger problems. The feature is part of SAP's Customer Engagement Intelligence application, which also includes segmentation targeting, customer value analysis to identify cross-selling opportunities and mobile sales tools. SAPs Customer Engagement Intelligence runs on the companys flagship HANA in-memory database technology. Thus far, Social Contact Intelligence is in beta with a select group of SAP customers.
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SAP CRM customers taking new application off the shelf

This is the real challenge of CRM. Our solution focuses on helping our clients solve this problem. So for us, a sales guy should not only be in a position to look at all the dimensions of sales force automation and make effective sales, but he can also make a promise to his customers when the ultimate delivery will happen. My view of the market is that you have the Software as a Service players offering commodity solutions for individuals and small businesses. and NetSuite are doing well here, but SAP is after them with SAP Business by Design and our other on demand offerings. Then you have the middle market where the comprehensive suites like SAP CRM, and offerings from Oracle and other specialist players do battle with the SaaS players. At the top of the market, for the largest companies, SAP CRM is the right solution if you want help creating an end-to-end process to provide a differentiating customer experience. So are you ceding the middle market to the SaaS companies? Absolutely not. If you are a lone wolf salesman or a 10-person company, SAP CRM is not right for you. Personally, I recommend SAP Business by Design and our solutions for the [small and medium enterprises]. But if you are a company that wants to organize the work of hundreds or thousands of people so that everyone can see what is happening to provide a superior customer experience, I think we are far stronger than the competition for the mid market and for the top end.
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SAP on Social CRM

Contact Center Solutions Interaction Analyzer™ Because data can be accessed far more rapidly from RAM than the surface of a spinning disc, the time needed to operate on that data can be dramatically reduced, according to SAP. The speed at which companies can get access to data on HANA-based transactional systems means they can simplify their infrastructures, Hagemann Snabe said. "Most of the complexity that we've created was not because we love complexity, but due to the slowness of the disc," he said. CRM and more Hagemann Snabe said that CRM is one of "five major pillars" served by SAP's core Business Suite software and that SAP is working on running other parts of the Business Suite on HANA. "I can assure that we have not stopped our efforts [at CRM], if anything we increased the speed of our efforts on having the entire Business Suite run on HANA, where the customer wants that." Hagemann Snabe said that SAP will be reliant on its network of partners to develop many of the applications and services on its HANA platform, which is used by more than 600 customers. A key component of the SAP 360 Customer offering is the HANA-powered SAP CRM application. But SAP 360 Customer also brings together several different SAP offerings - including the SAP Customer OnDemand cloud offering, the SAP Jam social software platform and several mobile solutions. SAP 360 Customer will offer real-time text, transaction and analytics processing to generate immediate insights into customer preferences and behaviour, he said. Analysis can be carried out on both on internal company data and external data, such as posts on social networks, and results can be delivered to a range of mobile devices.
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SAP's Strategy For The CRM Battle

As a consequence, SAP feels that companies have to focus on improving customer experience or face shrinking revenues and potentially viral attacks on the brand. This is a smart move for SAP The CRM market has been around since the mid-1990s and is mature in its basic rhetoric and value proposition, mainly focused on benefits for the company using CRM (such as improved employee productivity and driving revenues). SAP has many competitors, from providers of legacy on-premise applications (for example, Oracle with its portfolio of CRM brands such as Siebel) to aggressive SaaS/cloud vendors (such as and up-and-coming companies with different propositions (such as open source SugarCRM). SAP CRM is not the current undisputed market share leader, the center of hype, or the purveyor of some new twist in CRM technology, so it needed a way to differentiate itself from the competition. Making a major investment in CRM development and marketing would be a smart move for SAP, as CRM is a bright spot in the enterprise applications market. For example, in its recent earnings announcement Oracle called out CRM as having nearly 20% growth in order to overshadow otherwise disappointing applications numbers. According to Ovums CRM Business Trends 2011 survey, even in the tough economic environment, CRM budgets in 2012 are expected to grow at approximately 45% of respondent companies, versus the 5% that expect budget cuts. Customer experience is open to misinterpretation Although differentiated from Oracles or Salesforce.coms messaging, customer experience is not a new and unique message in CRM. Some vendors, such as RightNow, which Oracle recently agreed to acquire, have built their brands around it. In addition, customer experience is used by call center and contact center vendors.
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SAP puts CRM on HANA, and promises more to come

While the news wasnt totally unexpected, the move represents a pretty large jump forward for SAPs portfolio of cloud-based applications. At the same time, SAP also announced the SAP 360 Customer package , basically a hyped-up version of SAP CRM that runs on SAP HANA, the companys in-memory database platform. The product is the first to fulfill SAPs promise to start running ERP transactional processes on HANA. Nick Heath spells out some of the benefits of SAP 360 Customer : SAP 360 Customer will offer real-time text, transaction and analytics processing to generate immediate insights into customer preferences and behavior, he said. Analysis can be carried out on both on internal company data and external data, such as posts on social networks, and results can be delivered to a range of mobile devices. At the same time, Doug Henschen sounds a note of caution as the HANA road map continues to play out : SAP has long promised that running both transactional and analytical workloads on a single database would drive dramatic simplification by eliminating layers of complexity and data redundancy built into conventional architectures. With applications like CRM and analytics like data marts, warehouses and analytic apps running on a single database, SAP says HANA will consolidate the database layer. Thats the vision, but with just one major core app now supported (with CRM now moving into beta on HANA), customers will still need a separate database(s) for all their other transactional applications. SAP is also releasing Service Pack Stack 5 (SPS 5) for HANA, which includes support for real-time streamed data processing, embedded analytics, and enhanced text analytics that give customers the ability to filter files, identify entities and do sentiment analysis in 31 languages all within HANA, according to SAP. SPS5 is intended to help developers build applications to run on HANA more easily and add business rules to those applications. SAP also announced several new Rapid Deployment Solution (RDS) packages for helping customers connect to its Ariba Network , including product catalog integration between components of the SAP Business Suite, such as logistics material management and supplier relationship management and the network. SAP also announced another package for purchase order and invoice automation that allows automated exchange of documents in the procure-to-pay and order-to-cash processes.
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SAP Debuts Tool for Social CRM

Contact Center Solutions Interaction Analyzer™ places SAP as the leader in revenues with 25.3% of the market. In addition, in its recent Magic Quadrant for Sales Force Automation , a ranking of CRM systems, Gartner said SAP has made up the most ground. Yet SAP is not the only company that's revamping internet its interface. Oracle is adding a number of "social CRM" or Web 2.0 tools to its Siebel application. Eastman Chemical had been running a homegrown CRM application before making the switch to SAP. It will have 200 CSRs using the system by the end of next year, and ultimately its sales force of around 300 will all be on the system. Taking on IP telephony, Vista, PC upgrades all at once Eastman caught a bit of a break when, at the time it began upgrading its contact center, SAP acquired Wicom, an Internet telephony company. While Wicom was used in Europe before the acquisition, Eastman became one of its first U.S. customers. In fact, while Eastman is not typically a leading-edge company when it comes to deploying technology, it found itself taking on a lot. "When we decided to implement the software, we knew we would have to have a telephony solution," Thompson said. "We weren't aware until the time we committed to Interaction Center that SAP had purchased [Wicom]. Almost simultaneously, we were implementing new PCs for all of our people.
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