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9 Sep 2013

Billing Bridge Software Starts Claims at Patient’s Side

Hands On Technology, a company that offers physical therapists physical therapy billing software, unveils its newest product: web based PT software. Customers can now choose to host the software on its servers or over the Internet. Online PR News 04-June-2012 Hands On Technology, a company that provides software for physical therapy offices, announces it has unveiled the newest version of its flagship software, TheraOffice. The web based PT software , known as TheraOffice.Web, gives customers the opportunity to choose whether they want to host the software on their own servers or through the Internet. The new web based PT software can access the TheraOffice's servers through any Windows based device via the Internet. Physical therapy offices no longer need to worry about purchasing any other software or hardware, which makes TheraOffice.Web a cost-effective solution. It was vital for us that TheraOffice and TheraOffice.Web are easy to use. While we provide support to large hospitals and clinics, it was just as important to make it easy and affordable for small start-ups and local neighborhood clinics. If you've been searching for a cost effective, easy to use PT software that will make your life easier, we invite you to visit our website or call our offices to learn more about how TheraOffice from Hands On Technology can help. "We know that some physical therapists aren't limited to working in their own offices. Many may work in remote or satellite locations a few times a week and this way they can streamline their operations since they won't need to wait to get back to the office to create patient notes, update billing information, schedule future appointments or other office tasks. We understand the demands today's physical therapists are under and because of this, we've created a software that consistently, and easily, meets those demands," said Daniel Morrill, CEO of Hands On Technology ( ). TheraOffice and TheraOffice.Web were developed 12 years ago by practicing physical therapists who continue to use the software. This means that the software is continuously tested and that users can be sure that it is compatible with all regulations, including HIPAA policies.
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Web-Based Software manages IT expenses.

NET.Logix & .NET.LogixCF software provide Visual Sudio.NET developers with a direct communication channel to ControlLogix & CompactLogix programmable automation controllers. Software is 100 percent managed code specifically written to address the demands of users writing real-time automation applications for the Microsoft .NET framework. Some features include error notification & reporting, sets/returns values for immediate read/write operations & data change notification. Services include technical support & downloads that allow customers to view categorized library of downloads for all necessary manuals & software. Brand Names: .Net, Iconics, Kepware, Microsoft, ModBus, NET, RSLinx, Rockwell Software, Visual Basic, Visual... Site-Seeker Inc. - New Hartford, NY Service Company Web-based data monitoring software application development services. For tracking website traffic, patterns, exit pages & time spent on the site to improve website conversion & revenue. Attaain Inc. - Blacksburg, VA Manufacturer Developer of web-based software that identifies & track sales prospects, existing customer growth opportunities, competitor activities, strategic partner prospects & industry developments.
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Nitin Chhoda Announces the Newest Benefits of Web-Based Documentation Software for Physical Therapy Practices

Image Caption "This is a major milestone for us," said Mark Hearn, TTI's President and founder. "Our customers now have the capability to use one of our flagship products from any venue, whether it is from their desk or from a remote office. The introduction of the WinBill web module illustrates our company's commitment to remaining on the forefront of technology and to providing our customers with the accessibility to our products that they need." About WinBill on the Web WinBill on the web allows authorized users to access specific billing information, generate and e-mail reports, and view expense data, all via a secure Internet connection or through a company's intranet. The new module will enable customers to access WinBill in a read-only format, providing real- time billing status, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. WinBill is a revolutionary software product that has saved Fortune 500 companies millions of dollars managing their IT expenses. WinBill has enabled corporate enterprises to identify billing errors, end late payment fees, negotiate better contract rates, increase productivity and automate their IT expense management process. WinBill customers electronically import carrier billing information in minutes. All expense information can be automatically exported from WinBill and imported to any A/P system to eliminate double data entry and save time paying IT bills.
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Web Based Data Monitoring Software Suppliers

Portability A web-based EMR provides therapists with the ability to access information from any locale where an Internet connection is available. Its a feature thats especially valuable for therapists who offer programs at senior facilities, corporate sites and spas, and theyre compatible with the iPad. Therapists arent limited by proximity to a server. Profitability Web-based EMR help therapists have the ability to submit reimbursement claims individually or as a batch for convenience. Missives are sent instantly, arriving at their intended destination in minutes, allowing businesses to be paid sooner. Denials, questions and requests for extra documentation are handled in moments to facilitate better cash flow. The flow of information is never reduced, even during peak times of usage. Integration and Training Chhoda said that web-based EMRs offer easy integration of all office systems, with training provided by vendors. Theres no need for staff members to stumble through the implementation and learning process. Web-based systems can be available immediately and can have the practices up and running in as little as 30 minutes, compared to the extensive installation and implementation of server-based programs. A variety of training can be offered online to assist staff in EMR adoption. Web-based EMRs represent the future of physical therapy documentation software, reducing the cost of operations through integrated systems that allow practice owners to conduct business more efficiently and productively. Secure, portable systems provide the means for therapists to extend their services to new venues for increased profitability now and in the future.
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ImageTrend worked closely with Allina Health Emergency Medical Services to deliver a product that could meet the demands of a high volume of claims and reduce the time needed to process each claim. The software is completely new, developed from the ground up for a superior user experience. According to Lynn Spears, Business Analyst at Allina Health Emergency Medical Services, Billing Bridge is a user friendly system with many features that out performs other ambulance billing systems. Claim submissions are cleaner than ever preventing claim rejections and extra back end work. The robust reporting system exceeds the needs for all departments and financial reporting. Spears continued, From an administrator viewpoint, the set-up of the system is much less work than other billing systems. Billing Bridge addresses some of the shortcomings of older, more traditional medical billing and claims software. Because it is Web-based, Billing Bridge does not require installation on a clients computer and does not have limitations on the number of users. It can be accessed simultaneously from multiple locations, making it perfect for large services with multiple locations. ImageTrend designed this to support organizations such as Allina Health Emergency Medical Services, which is a large, hospital-based 911 ambulance service that also provides wheelchair services. One of the key features for existing ImageTrend Service Bridge users who do self-billing is the unique integration that enables automatic medical billing encoding for certain services and two-way communication between the medical billing personnel and care providers. This allows billing to start as early as at the patients side and reduces redundant data entry. The result has been more accurate billing and a faster recovery cycle. About ImageTrend, Inc.
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Reduce AR Days With Web-Based Billing Software

Burdened by the problems associated with disparate and inefficient processes, Hamilton and Russell explain why Adventist Health chose an automated medical billing solution and services, and the benefits the clinic has reaped as a result. Adventist Health Medical Group was purchased from a private group in 2008. Adventist Health inherited the private groups practice management software, developed by TriMed Technologies, which is still in use today. However, from its inception, Adventist Health processed claims manually a process that took up to 2 hours per day and was riddled with countless potential billing errors. First of all, we were on dialup at the time, and we used that dial-up connection to manually transmit the claims batches to Premera [local Blue Cross], laments Hamilton. We often transmitted hundreds of claims per day. But, if we were unable to connect with Premera, we couldnt bill that day. We submitted claims directly to other insurance companies, and most of them did not accept direct files, so we had to bill them using paper claims a process that drastically slowed down reimbursement. Most insurance companies have 30 days before they must recognize the claim and load it into their system. Adventist Health found that it would take at least 30 days before the group received a letter in the mail alerting them that they had submitted an invalid identification number. At that point, the group would have to call or look online to find the correct ID and send out a new claim. Sometimes it would be one or two months before the payment was received. In addition to timely claims processing problems, patients would question the long lag time in receiving their bills. We simply had too many software solutions, none of which were integrated, says Russell.
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Mailbag: Web-Based Appointment Scheduling

user avatar I finally used a Web-based form to query support and was pleasantly surprised when, despite the stated 48-hour turnaround, I received a detailed e-mail response within a few minutes. I was then able to complete the setup. Highly Customizable Despite the setup glitch, I'm impressed by AppointmentQuest. It offers a wealth of scheduling capabilities. You can change the appointment interval, set an appointment lead-in or lead-out to add time between clients, and establish an appointment cancellation deadline. I think it would be simple to set different work hours (including split shifts), days off, and vacation days for each therapist. You can customize the Web interface for both you and your clients, changing fonts and colors. You can add your business name, logo, and contact information. You can also modify appointment e-mail notification messages and policies for both clients and staff.
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