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9 Sep 2013

14 Accounting Software Tools To Make Finances Easy

accounting software tools BETHESDA, Md., October 6, 2009 Acumatica, a provider of web-based accounting, ERP, and CRM software, and BrainSell, a leading business software value added reseller, today announced a partnership aimed at transforming mid-sized businesses into market leaders using Acumaticas web-based software. BrainSell will offer Acumaticas software to deliver solutions with advanced financial features that can be installed anywhere, accessed from anywhere, and customized to meet client business processes. By adding Acumatica to its product line, BrainSell will leverage expertise from hundreds of ERP and CRM deployments to deliver a modern, web-based solution to clients. Acumaticas web-based technology complements our existing client-server solutions, so we can recommend the perfect solution for customers, said Jim Ward, President of BrainSell. Acumatica allows us to offer an integrated web-based solution with desktop-like performance, robust security, customized workflow, and multiple deployment options. Partners offering client-server solutions from Microsoft and other large vendors are looking for cloud-ready and SaaS-ready solutions without giving up advanced financial features, said Ezequiel Steiner, CEO of Acumatica. Acumatica gives partners such as BrainSell the opportunity to transition from ERP solutions that are client-server to modern web-based technology. Availability: Customers may request a demonstration or purchase Acumatica from BrainSell by calling 1-866-356-2654 or sending a request to sales(at)brainsell(dot)net.
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Reduce AR Days With Web-Based Billing Software

and local GAAP tax accounting across more than 200 entities and have saved over 9,000 hours and 52 elapsed days from our U.S. tax compliance processes." About Global Tax Research Integrator Global Tax Research Integrator quickly connects professionals with timely, authoritative and specific international content in countries where a company does business. It features the full line of CCH international research resources delivered on the powerful and intuitive CCH IntelliConnect platform. Content includes: -- In-country guidance, attested to each month. -- Real-time country tax rates, translated tax forms and instructions for more than 120 countries. -- Easy-to-understand detailed guidance and analysis written by in-country tax experts. -- Customized daily international tax news and updates delivered via email. -- Access to CCH Mobile; and CCH's International Tax Treaty Expert Library. In addition, corporations can customize Global Tax Research Integrator, choosing the level of content they want - Pro, Plus or Premium - to meet their specific needs.
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Web-Based Accounting Software helps minimize tax complexity.

verifying that the patient has insurance, accepting patient payments efficiently on the front-end, and ensuring that the claims are clean). Russell explains that Adventist Health subscribes to seven of ZirMeds services (i.e. professional claims, institutional claims, electronic remittance advices [ERAs], eligibility, print services [for patient statements], e-Delivery [email delivery of patient statements], and ZPay Collect [Webbased credit and debit card processing solution]). Russell considers subscribing to each of the seven services individually to be an advantage for a small office. For example, not all physicians bill Medicare Part A, so they would not need the institutional claims service, explains Russell. A medical group may print their own statements or check eligibility by calling the insurers. If an office does not need one of the services ZirMed offers, they simply do not subscribe to that service. CLEARINGHOUSE SOLUTION PROVIDES THE RIGHT TOOLS TO SUPPORT YOUR STAFF The ZirMed and the TriMed practice management software are integrated, alleviating errors and discrepancies on most claims. Not only does the new clearinghouse enable Adventist Health to transmit batches to more insurance companies, its also completely automated. We schedule the claims batches to run at night, and I receive a message in the morning letting me know the outcome, says Hamilton. ZirMed has pre-edits. We work only the claims that have been flagged for errors. If there are errors, we look them over immediately.
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Billing Bridge Software Starts Claims at Patient’s Side

Lakeville, MN - ImageTrend, Inc. announced the release of Billing Bridge, the Web-based solution for EMS billing and claim reimbursement. ImageTrend worked closely with Allina Health Emergency Medical Services to deliver a product that could meet the demands of a high volume of claims and reduce the time needed to process each claim. The software is completely new, developed from the ground up for a superior user experience. According to Lynn Spears, Business Analyst at Allina Health Emergency Medical Services, Billing Bridge is a user friendly system with many features that out performs other ambulance billing systems. Claim submissions are cleaner than ever preventing claim rejections and extra back end work. The robust reporting system exceeds the needs for all departments and financial reporting. Spears continued, From an administrator viewpoint, the set-up of the system is much less work than other billing systems. Billing Bridge addresses some of the shortcomings of older, more traditional medical billing and claims software. Because it is Web-based, Billing Bridge does not require installation on a clients computer and does not have limitations on the number of users. It can be accessed simultaneously from multiple locations, making it perfect for large services with multiple locations. ImageTrend designed this to support organizations such as Allina Health Emergency Medical Services, which is a large, hospital-based 911 ambulance service that also provides wheelchair services. One of the key features for existing ImageTrend Service Bridge users who do self-billing is the unique integration that enables automatic medical billing encoding for certain services and two-way communication between the medical billing personnel and care providers. This allows billing to start as early as at the patients side and reduces redundant data entry.
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No limits. They do this with an ad-supported model they call Business Savings.Inside Wave, youll see savings offers from companies like Amex, Staples, Dell, Moo and others. These companies are paying Wave a sponsor fee, or an advertisement that is akin to a coupon, but this is how Wave maintains a free and powerful accounting app for your small business. Kashoo has an award-winning iPad app that caught my attention. Their Web-based version gets high marks, too. I had heard about the company, but thought they were focused on invoicing only. I was wrong. They are a full-fledged accounting software package, in the cloud. They have a free version that is limited to 20 transactions per month, but that works well for many microbusiness owners. Paid plans start at $16/month. Zoho is a popular cloud-based office solution and they have an accounting software toolcalled Zoho Books . It starts at $24/mo for two users.
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Mailbag: Web-Based Appointment Scheduling

user avatar You an also export data to a spreadsheet and prepare appointment books in PDF. You could even opt for credit-card processing, which collects fees or deposits from clients when they make appointments. That feature requires a merchant account, and AppointmentQuest charges transaction-processing fees that vary depending upon the plan you select. The Gold PRO package costs $100 per month. Discounts apply if you agree to a six-month or one-year contract. For your group, the cost for this plan would amount to about $11 per month per therapist. This sounds pretty affordable to me, though it does cost more than a paper appointment book. You'll need to decide if the scheduling capabilities are worth it.
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