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8 Sep 2013

Small Business Guide to Online Billing Software; online billing software Now that entrepreneurs are indeed becoming comfortable with the 'software in the cloud' model and the inherent benefits it offers, they are in growing numbers starting to look beyond e-mail or office productivity to more sophisticated and sensitive applications like financials. The heavyweight of small business accounting, Intuit, has launched an online alternative called Quickbooks Online. Peachtree also has debuted a well featured online version. Some vendors offer online-only accounting packages, including Clarity Accounting, Less Accounting, NetBooks, and NetSuite, which has a more comprehensive business management package online. Free accounting software programs. Most small businesses need to be skeptical of "free" programs, particularly when it deals with the financial data of your business. But a free version of QuickBooks lets you create invoices, print checks, handle payroll, and manage up to 20 customer accounts. There are plenty of free bookkeeping tools on the market, but QuickBooks is the best option for growing companies, because it's easy to step up to the paid version, which lets users track more than 10,000 customers. Dig Deeper: Numbers in the Cloud -- Other Web Tools for Financial Management How to Choose Business Accounting Software: Understand Your Accounting Needs The first step you need to take in choosing accounting software for your business is to undertake a good needs analysis, which will address both managerial and financial needs.
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To help protect small businesses against occupational fraud, Certified Fraud Examiner Julie A. Aydlott created the Vitalics Internal Control Application, a new desktop software specifically designed for small business fraud prevention. Compared with large publicly held companies, there are no standards like the Sarbanes-Oxley Act that govern internal controls and certify financial accuracy for small businesses. At the same time, small business owners do not have the budget or resources to develop and implement their own auditing and fraud prevention systems. Furthermore, despite the need for protection, there are very limited tools available to small businesses to counter fraudulent activities. [How Companies of All Sizes Can Prevent Fraud] Instead of putting a business at risk, the Vitalics Internal Control Application provides an affordable way to help avoid costly mistakes and fight employee theft. Using Vitalics, small businesses can review financial records, implement bookkeeping controls and provide fraud education to their staff. Independent of your internal accounting software, the Vitalics desktop application includes more than 120 control forms and customizable checklists to audit a range of accounting areas, such as fixed assets, cash, payroll, purchasing and inventory, financial reporting, reconciliation and risk assessment. Small business owners can purchase a CD of the Vitalics Internal Control Application for $269 or download the electronic version for $249. Audit forms are also available as separate packages to fit individual business needs. All registered users will receive a lifetime of new and updated forms at no additional cost.
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50 Online Invoicing Apps for Small Businesses

In looking at small business accounting options, specifically looked for applications designed to meet both the budget and the needs of a typical small office or small business. We chose five cloud accounting service options available cost $20 or less per month and are easy to useeven for small business owners with little or no experience with accounting tasks. FreshBooks: Guided Help Boxes Make Small Business Accounting Easy FreshBooks is a simple cloud accounting application designed to help small business owners to get organized and get paid. Since it's a hosted accounting service, you can access your business data everywhereon a mobile device or desktop computerand your data is secure and backed up for you. FreshBooks features options for online payments, expense tracking, time-tracking and accounting reports and taxes. Highlights include customizing invoices, sending late payment reminders, automatic and recurring-expense tracking, managing different rates for multiple projects and profit/loss reports. Small business owners will appreciate FreshBooks' guided step-by-step wizard and help boxes that appear each time you perform a new task, such as create a new invoice or add a new client to your records. As you familiarize yourself with FreshBooks, you can turn these helpful tips off. The FreshBooks Help boxes guide you through the process of configuring accounts and records.
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5 Top Picks for Small Business Cloud-Based Accounting

FreshBooks If the vendor adds a new feature, all you have to do is refresh the browser." (Click for larger image) . Similarly, assuming the vendor uses the highest level of data protection (the leading online invoicing services do), your financial information is typically safer than if you stored it on a single laptop or desktop at the office. Finally, theres the speed and transparency that online invoicing provides. A good online invoicing service lets you create, track and manage invoices easily -- even automatically alert customers when an invoice is overdue. You dont have to constantly follow up with customers to see if they received or paid your invoice. Not only does that save you time, it can get you paid faster. Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Billing Service Youve made the decision to try online invoicing. How do you choose the right solution for your small business? "Choosing an invoicing solution purely depends on the users business requirements," explained Zohos Vegesna. "If you send out invoices in multiple currencies, it is important to pick a system that supports multiple currencies." Similarly, if you regularly send invoices to the same client or clients, its important to choose a solution that supports recurring invoices.
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New Software Fights Small Business Fraud

Cyber Security, Cyber Threat, Cyber Crime, hacking, hackers It doesnt offer any pricing info and suggests it will be free forever. The Invoice Machine is an elegant application. You can do all the standard online invoicing functions, but in the tour, I was impressed with the flexibility. You can add line items in your invoice manually or from the project time tracking tool with a few clicks. You can create an HTML email invoice or attach one as a PDF. They offer an always free plan; then paid plans start at $12/month. InvoiceMore is an online billing and invoicing solution for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and businesses. It offers multiple features so that you can create, download, store, backup, print, and email PDF invoices to clients. You can track overdue balances. They offer a free plan; then only $15/month for an unlimited plan. InvoicePlace is an easy online invoicing service. One of the things that caught my eye was the simple offer of showing a completed sample invoice, in what looks like a Microsoft Word document. The tour explains the many features well. Free plan, then starts at $12/month.
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