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8 Sep 2013

Web-Based Software manages IT expenses.

Chhoda has been one of the early adopters of electronic office systems that include Therapy Newsletter and Clinical Contact for mobile marketing. He is now offering In Touch EMR, a web-based physical therapy management platform designed by him and his wife inventor, Ritika Gulrajani PT, DPT. Utilizing cloud computing, this software provides secure digital documentation for all facets of physical therapy businesses offering significant savings over the use of paper records. Web-based EMRs allow therapists to access records electronically from virtually anywhere. Paperless services provide practice owners with the ability to bill, record, prescribe, post test results, and register patients online. An EMR organizes data logically to speed office processes, while offering an innovative way to educate clients about their conditions and treatments. The number of natural resources is dwindling and businesses around the world are seeking ways to minimize their impact on the environment. Web-based systems convert paper records into digital databases, eliminating waste and the usage of paper resources for savings within the practice and the overall environment. Chhoda says that everyone has a responsibility to reduce their use of natural resources and a web-based physical therapy management system represents a major step in the right direction. His insights offer practice owners with common sense reasons for transitioning to an electronic medical record for successful and cost effective clinic management, and more effective administration of diminishing natural resources. Chhodas office can be reached by phone at 201-535-4475. For more information, visit the website at
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Reduce AR Days With Web-Based Billing Software

Russell considers subscribing to each of the seven services individually to be an advantage for a small office. For example, not all physicians bill Medicare Part A, so they would not need the institutional claims service, explains Russell. A medical group may print their own statements or check eligibility by calling the insurers. If an office does not need one of the services ZirMed offers, they simply do not subscribe to that service. CLEARINGHOUSE SOLUTION PROVIDES THE RIGHT TOOLS TO SUPPORT YOUR STAFF The ZirMed and the TriMed practice management software are integrated, alleviating errors and discrepancies on most claims. Not only does the new clearinghouse enable Adventist Health to transmit batches to more insurance companies, its also completely automated. We schedule the claims batches to run at night, and I receive a message in the morning letting me know the outcome, says Hamilton. ZirMed has pre-edits. We work only the claims that have been flagged for errors. If there are errors, we look them over immediately. What used to be a labor-intensive process now saves our employees 8 hours a week. Adventist Health now has the ability to exchange eligibility request files. Three days prior to a patient appointment, ZirMed sends an eligibility request to the insurance company to ensure that Adventist Health has the patients current insurance information on file. ZirMeds registration assist provides automated insurance verification, says Russell.
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BrainSell Partners with Acumatica for Web-Based ERP and CRM

"This is a major milestone for us," said Mark Hearn, TTI's President and founder. "Our customers now have the capability to use one of our flagship products from any venue, whether it is from their desk or from a remote office. The introduction of the WinBill web module illustrates our company's commitment to remaining on the forefront of technology and to providing our customers with the accessibility to our products that they need." About WinBill on the Web WinBill on the web allows authorized users to access specific billing information, generate and e-mail reports, and view expense data, all via a secure Internet connection or through a company's intranet. The new module will enable customers to access WinBill in a read-only format, providing real- time billing status, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. WinBill is a revolutionary software product that has saved Fortune 500 companies millions of dollars managing their IT expenses. WinBill has enabled corporate enterprises to identify billing errors, end late payment fees, negotiate better contract rates, increase productivity and automate their IT expense management process. WinBill customers electronically import carrier billing information in minutes. All expense information can be automatically exported from WinBill and imported to any A/P system to eliminate double data entry and save time paying IT bills. Unlike outsourced applications, WinBill is a licensed software application allowing companies to manage all of their IT related bills and expenses. WinBill customers track as few as 500 bills, to as many as 100,000 bills per month. Companies have experienced a three to six month Return on Investment utilizing the power of WinBill.
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Project management entails processes such as scheduling, calculating a critical path, building timelines, creating task lists, managing resources, controlling documents and providing audit trails. Each of these processes can be controlled and sometimes automated through project management software solutions. Web based solutions are coded in a browser supported language such as HTML, ASP or PHP so they can be accessed by clients through a web browser. One main software version is installed and maintained on a server so that more than one client can access this version. One disadvantage to using Web-based software is that the program is usually slower to respond than a typical desktop or client application; Web-based applications are limited by the speed of one's Internet connection, while client applications operate as quickly as the client's processor speed. (If you can think of a better way to phrase this, by all means go ahead.) In addition, most information in Web-based applications is not accessible when a user is offline. LEARNMOREABOUTIT
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Web based project management software

BETHESDA, Md., October 6, 2009 Acumatica, a provider of web-based accounting, ERP, and CRM software, and BrainSell, a leading business software value added reseller, today announced a partnership aimed at transforming mid-sized businesses into market leaders using Acumaticas web-based software. BrainSell will offer Acumaticas software to deliver solutions with advanced financial features that can be installed anywhere, accessed from anywhere, and customized to meet client business processes. By adding Acumatica to its product line, BrainSell will leverage expertise from hundreds of ERP and CRM deployments to deliver a modern, web-based solution to clients. Acumaticas web-based technology complements our existing client-server solutions, so we can recommend the perfect solution for customers, said Jim Ward, President of BrainSell. Acumatica allows us to offer an integrated web-based solution with desktop-like performance, robust security, customized workflow, and multiple deployment options. Partners offering client-server solutions from Microsoft and other large vendors are looking for cloud-ready and SaaS-ready solutions without giving up advanced financial features, said Ezequiel Steiner, CEO of Acumatica. Acumatica gives partners such as BrainSell the opportunity to transition from ERP solutions that are client-server to modern web-based technology. Availability: Customers may request a demonstration or purchase Acumatica from BrainSell by calling 1-866-356-2654 or sending a request to sales(at)brainsell(dot)net.
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More companies save costs with Web-based accounting software

Many of the biggest players in accounting software are pushing hard to gain a foothold in the growing market. Intuits popular Quickbooks Online continues to add features and grew its users by 44 percent in 2010, and companies like Microsoft, Google and Amazon are developing platforms that are already bringing more power to cloud-based computing. Newer names like San Mateo-based Netsuite are also riding the growing trend, touting benefits that include robust integration of different elements of their software. One of the greatest benefits of the new wave of online services, Mr. Perez said, is the fact that companies can sign up for custom-tailored packages of software as they need it. The scalability of these services allows the software to grow with the company, saving money over bundles of software that might offer more or less than the business requires. At BPM, Mr. Jannicelli said that the firm has created a specialized team to manage the increasing requests to move in-house accounting systems to cloud-based options. Its becoming a significant portion of our practice, he said.
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